Front Message

AAEJATC Mission Statement

To manage, oversee, & direct the selection and education of craftsman for our industry with the common goal of producting the most qualified and productive workforce for our customers"


John Salyer - Training Director

Lew Neeb - Instructor

Bill White - Instructor

Bob Kosky - Instructor

Chris Parks - Instructor

Jim Martindale - Instructor

Pat Ulanowicz - Instructor

Eric Koepfgen - Instructor

Kevin Mitchell - Instructor

Kate Murphy - Instructor

Inside Committee

David Bianco

Gilbert Charles

Jesse Nicrerson

Brian Koepp

Gary Walls


Robert Turner



Residential Committee

Bill Engel

Garry Johnson

David Bianco

Steve Brown

Christopher Joins

 Scott Spink



VDV Committee

Steve Swartzinski

Joel McGrath

Ryan Husse

Jack Wilson

Scott Ganger

Justin Shaw



Apprentice Council

Wesley Munshaw - 5th Year Inside

Martin Grove - 4th Year Inside

Andrew Wojtowicz - 3rd Year Inside

Jacob Vondrasek - 3rd Year Inside

Travis Stachlewitz - 2nd Year Inside

Traverse Cogan - 2nd Year Inside

Michael Tohlman - 1st Year Inside


Kevin Toth - 1st Year Inside

Charles Avery - 3rd Year Residential

Kevin White - 2nd Year Residentail